Booming Top-Notch Trends of WordPress Technology in 2022

Over the years, WordPress has remained one of the most robust website creation platforms, building more than 500 websites every day across the globe. As a result, WordPress technology is always the topmost priority in web development within the web developers community. Its utmost features, such as easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionalities, a vast library of ready-to-use and fully customizable themes and plugins, are one of the primary reasons why WordPress Development services are booming in the market, making this web development platform the most preferred one among others. Furthermore, with the changing web designing trends, WordPress developers also try to keep up with those trends. Trends include rich typography, WordPress page builder over manual coding, different layouts like a grid, simple navigation bars, smooth textured colors, and other things. Currently, designers are using low code or no-code tools to complete the design faster than spending more time coding and debugging. In this article, we’ll cover the top-notch trends of WordPress Technology 2022.

Top-Notch Trends of WordPress Development in 2022

WordPress Trends For E-Commerce

WordPress is a boon web development platform for most developers, as it helps develop feature-rich E-commerce websites and web applications. However, the WooCommerce WordPress plugin is the true asset that allows you to quickly bring your envisioned E-commerce website to reality in no time.

Along with website development, WooCommerce also assists you in making your E-Commerce website SEO-friendly. The outstanding features like effortless payment gateways, smooth inventory management, various marketing elements, etc., have prioritized the WooCommerce-based websites when developing E-Commerce websites. Hence, having the best-in-class features of WooCommerce, WordPress is still one of the first choices for online store development.

Chatbot Integration

With the advancement of technology, the demand for user-friendly websites and web applications has emerged expeditiously. Therefore, chatbots with Artificial Intelligence or virtual assistant have become essential to any website. Moreover, it continues to develop and simplifies how we complete our duties. For instance, tasks that took hours or even days to finish can now be done in minutes. In short, AI does tedious work for us.

Above all, the most advanced chatbot will help you to record and solve user queries with predefined FAQs. WordPress plugins like Tidio or Chatbot allow you to use multiple functionalities such as live chat, chatbot, email integration, and messenger. In addition, it can be programmed to record the answer to common questions regarding a specific service.

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

One of the most emerging trends in WordPress development for 2022 is PWA (Progressive Web Application) – a website that performs and looks like a mobile application. Designed to leverage native smartphone capabilities without forcing the end-user to enter an app store, make a payment, or download software directly. You can go for this trend if you are an online service provider with no native mobile app. Above all, if you want to develop PWA apps manually, it will ask for knowledge of standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and other similar technologies. However, WordPress allows you to easily create such applications through ready-to-use WordPress plug-ins like Super Progressive Web Apps.

Voice Search Optimization

The recent web development trends emphasize the importance of voice search. In response to the growing demand, Amazon, Apple, and Google introduced intelligent speakers. In addition, web developers strive to create websites that are entirely accessible to those with hearing and vision difficulties. Moreover, due to the popularity of Siri, Google Assistant, and other voice-activated virtual assistants, voice search has become a trend since 2020. It is followed by many big companies, mainly E-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon. Worldwide, it is anticipated that the demand for smart speakers will expand by 21% to 163 million devices in 2022.

Parallax Scrolling

In early 2020, the parallax effect or scrolling saw the light of the day and is still shining. Parallax scrolling – a crazy technique is a visual effect where a web page’s background stays still while the foreground shifts vertically or horizontally. The technique adds visual interest to a website and engages users as they scroll through a web page. In simple terms, it is a computer graphics technique used by web designers to create a faux-3D effect. 

Blockchain Technology

In today’s era, the maximum population globally is crazy about the newest technology in the market – blockchain and cryptocurrency. For instance, if you are operating an E-commerce store, there are possibilities that you may face the issue of payment acceptance mode in some countries or territories. Here is where blockchain technology is a boon that lets you resolve such issues quickly and efficiently. Most countries have started adopting the cryptocurrency concept to remove all hindrances one might face when accepting online payments. Therefore, with the rise in demand for this technology, many WordPress plugins assist you with payment acceptance through cryptocurrency.

Hence, web designs trends continuously change as time passes and mostly get updated every 5 to 6 years. Each era increases competition in the digital market, and the best way for web designers is to stay informed and updated about these constant and rapid changes. So, suppose you want to develop your business website on WordPress or switch to WordPress from other web development platforms. In that case, you are at the right place, as we are the best custom website development services offering various WordPress solutions under a single roof.