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6 Important Reasons To Redesign Your Website

While recently thinking about all of the compelling reasons that a client should redo their website, I came across an article in Forbes that represents our sentiments to a tee. — Here are six reasons that may help you determine the right time to invest in a redesign of your company’s website: 1. It looks […]

Why We Use WordPress

Why We Use WordPress About Us: Firm Overview AS Creative Services is a full-service Internet marketing firm, serving clients Nationwide. We leverage an integrated team of consultants, designers, writers, programmers, and marketing professionals to produce unparalleled results. AS Creative identifies the best way to advance your brand. We create visually and conceptually striking material that […]

A New Approach to Web Design

Here at AS we are constantly searching for new ways to approach web design in more effective ways. The newest approach is called Data Driven Design. Traditionally a web design project has a very distinct approach. 1) Set a discovery/planning phase for strategy, messaging, overall site structure, & look and feel. 2) Create Wireframes 3) […]

GDPR | What you may want to know

  You may have been noticing a slew of privacy notifications on your favorite software and social media platforms. This is timely as of the recent testimony by Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill. The buzzword of the month is Privacy. You may also be noticing quite a bit of conversation regarding new regulations in the […]

AMS/CRM Offering CMS? Watch out for the Golden Handcuffs!

Is your AMS or CRM company offering to provide you a fully integrated CMS as part of the package once you sign up with them? In theory this sounds great, but please don’t fall for the Golden Handcuffs! Web Design and Development is not their main speciality; their software is. It’s advantageous to have organizations […]

A Word About Content

When doing a redesign, some organizations choose to simply pull their existing copy over from their old website into the new one. They may change some of their historical data, but overall they are more concerned with the look and feel and/or they feel they don’t have the internal resources to make wholesale changes to […]